About Us

Strength background: We have transformed from a bicycle manufacturer to a manufacturer of electric bicycles, and have more than 10 years of bicycle manufacturing technology and experience. In addition, our R&D team has been researching various new types of electric bicycles, and has researched more than 15 types of electric bicycles. At present, we are still exploring more models and technologies. We are the pioneers of the bicycle industry. At the top of the industry, although many peers are rushing to imitate our products after seeing the development of the electric bicycle industry, as the leader of this industry, we not only represent the electric bicycle industry, but also take responsibility for it. We are also constantly improving our products and technologies as we play an important role in how to make the world more space efficient and reduce carbon emissions. We clearly understand the whole background of the development of bicycles to electric bicycles and the future direction, and also clearly understand the purpose of consumers at every level for the use of electric bicycles. Therefore, our R&D team can cooperate well with consumers. Our different consumption concepts to design and develop the most suitable for each consumer. Since our establishment, more than 20000 consumers have joined the use of our yameee bike, and our users are continuing to grow at a fast growth rate...

Product advantages: As an electric bicycle manufacturer with more than 10 years of production experience, we are very aware of the use of electric bicycles by consumers of different consumption levels, and also understand the use of electric bicycles by amateurs and professional enthusiasts. different requirements. Secondly, as a manufacturer, our products are directly connected to consumers, and there is no middleman earning the price difference. The frame welding technology of our electric bicycles is also the top level in the entire industry. On the accessories of electric bicycles, we also use world-renowned brands to manufacture, just to provide consumers with the safest riding conditions. In addition, we also have our own patented I-PAS kinetic energy recovery technology, through which it can well cooperate with the main electric components such as batteries and motors of electric bicycles for reverse charging. This technology can appropriately increase the mileage.

Vision & Brand Story: As a direct docking manufacturer, we know what is best for you. Many people experienced that when they are engaged in the industry, they are often not defeated by insiders, but by skilled social media promotion methods of laymen. We are such a professional electric bicycle manufacturer. Seeing many companies that did not boom because of good quality and affordable prices, based on the concept that everyone can feel the charm and convenience of electric bicycles, with more than ten years of experience in the bicycle industry, Eric Yam intends to lead his team to bring every consumer their due treatment: a foldable, kinetic energy recovery electric bicycle that combines price advantages and high quality performance. With the high-speed development of the world, the electric era will come as scheduled. This is an inevitable trend. We just want more people to join us and accelerate the pace of protecting our homes. Imagine how much space and energy we will save when everyone uses electric bicycles instead of cars. Remember, you riding a bike, you are not only pedaling , but also recycling. You deserve a better ride.