What is the difference between Fat Bear 750S and Fat Bear 750S Pro?

What is the difference between Fat Bear 750S and Fat Bear 750S Pro?

1. Upgrade from single-ply rims to double-ply rims

The old version of the rim is a single-ply rim. Compared to this, the double-ply rim is cooler in appearance, and it is also stronger. It will not easily cause spokes to puncture the inner tube and the rear wheel to loosen.

2. Upgrade from normal spokes to stainless steel spokes

The spokes of the old version will rust after being exposed to wet water for a period of time. Now we have upgraded the pro version. The spokes are made of stainless steel, so they are not easy to rust or break.

3. Change from silver screws to black screws

The old version of the silver screws will also rust after being wet for a period of time, resulting in an unattractive appearance, so we changed the color of the screws to make the appearance of the bike more in line with the style of off-road electric bicycles.

4. Upgrade of connecting rod

The connecting rods of the pro version will be stronger in quality and different in shape from the old version. It fits better with the lines of the body.

5. Fender length and width upgrade

We feel that the old version of the fender is still lacking in length and width, so we have upgraded the fender in the pro version and made it longer and wider. After the upgrade, the fender will fit better with the body and can better block the mud and water splashes when riding.

6. Controller upgrade

Compared with the old version of the controller, we reprogrammed the controller and upgraded it to a sine wave controller. The upgraded controller is more stable in the function of electronic components, greatly reducing quality problems.

7. The cruise controller has added the function of a manual switch

The cruise control function of the old version cannot be turned off manually. Even if you change the CRU setting to off on the display, the cruise control function is not actually turned off. Therefore, considering that some users don't like to use this feature, we added a switch that can be turned off.

8. Display upgrade

The data display of the meter interface of the pro version will be more detailed. For example, the old version of the meter has no power display, and the pro version will increase this data display. More importantly, we have added a mobile phone application function to the meter of the pro version. Now you can use your mobile phone to connect to the meter through Bluetooth to control your bicycle.

9. Balance adjustment of brake brand

In view of the fact that the old version of the brake brand did not meet our expectations in terms of customer service, we replaced it with another brake brand without changing the quality of the brakes.

10. Battery capacity upgrade

The battery capacity of the old version is 14.5ah, and the battery capacity of the pro version is upgraded to 15ah, which extends the range.

11. Charger upgrade

The old version of the charger is 2A, and the charging time is 7-8 hours; the pro version of the charger is 3A, which greatly shortens the charging time, and the upgraded charging time is about 5 hours.

12. Color change

The old version comes in three colors, namely blue, green and gray. The pro version has only two colors, green and gray, and the green and gray of the two versions are different.