Still Have a Passion for Life and Cycling

Still Have a Passion for Life and Cycling

The Beginning of a Dream
Our family used to be very poor, and the entire family's income was only enough to maintain basic necessities. It was my tenth birthday, and my parents worked very hard in the period leading up to my birthday, even two jobs, in order to be able to afford a birthday present.
It is my most unforgettable memory on my birthday. I received my first bike and I danced with joy because it was something I had always dreamed of.

Persistence of Dreams
Although I had my first bike, while I was still enjoying the joy of getting the gift I had been waiting for, I found that I was very scared of riding the bike at first, scared of corners, scared of slopes, scared of losing my balance and falling to the ground cause injury. Fortunately, my father has been with me and encouraged me. Although he is usually very busy with work, he always finds time after get off work to take me for a bicycle walk. At one point I wanted to give up cycling because it was so hard to face my fears. It was my father who taught me to be brave, to persevere, and in the end I overcame it and learned to ride a bike.

Dream Fulfillment
After I learned to ride a bike, I felt like I was born to be a biker. I really, really love cycling, and with that love I became a professional bike racer. Although I've had several new bikes, my first bike is still well kept in my garage. I have learned a lot of professional riding knowledge and always think about being faster in the race. I am very fortunate and work hard. In the past few years as a bicycle racer, I have also won some very honorable awards. These awards will be called reminders to persevere when I encounter difficulties in my life. However, everyone is well aware that an athlete's prime time is very short-lived. After nearly 8 years of competition, my physical fitness is not as good as when I started, and my body is slowly unable to keep up with other competitions due to a lot of training and some old problems. middle player. The most serious thing, because of a race, I made a serious mistake, which caused a serious impact on my cycling career, so I had to choose to retire.

Continuation of the Dream
I'm not allowed to do intense exercise for some health reasons, but I still can't forget the unrestrained joy and ease of riding on the bike. Later I got to know yamee and read some buyer's reviews, although there are some negative reviews, but I still bought a fat bear 750S. I fell in love with it the first time I rode it and my mind went right back to those days of racing. I'm very happy with my fat bear, it's literally made for me because it's an ebike, I don't need to pedal very hard for the motor to move me forward.

I hope the Yamee brand can come up with more and better models.