Reasons to Have an Ebike

Reasons to Have an Ebike
We heard from riders on a daily basis that owning an e-bike has changed their life significantly. Each person has their own reasons, but here are five of the most common:

1. Go Further, Faster

Having a motor to back you up means that you can pedal farther than ever before. With the ability to go 40+ miles per charge and cruise at a maximum speed of 28 mph, you can power up hills with no problem, combat headwinds effortlessly, and put on more miles in a breeze.

2. Overcome Barriers

Injuries, health concerns, and physical limitations are a part of life, but they shouldn't keep us from going outside and living an active lifestyle. Many people turn to e-bikes to regain mobility and improve wellness. Yes, e-bikes have a motor, but riders can choose how much power they need, and still enjoy a low-impact yet invigorating ride. People are now exercising, commuting, running errands, and exploring in ways that wouldn't be possible without the assist.

3. Live Green

Having the power and capacity of an e-bike allows you to drive less and ride more. This not only makes getting around more fun, but it lowers your carbon footprint. Generally, e-bikes emit 22 grams of CO2 per kilometer, which is far less than the 270 grams per kilometer cars emit.

You’ll also save green by riding an e-bike instead of driving. Ebikes cost about 8 cents per 25 miles of use, while a car can cost $2 over the same distance.

4. Sweat Less

With an e-bike, you only have to pedal as hard as you want. The motor assist can be turned down when you want a workout or cranked up to get you around without breaking a sweat. The motor assist provides exciting opportunities. Before long, you will be riding your e-bike to meetings, dates, the grocery store, and more because you won't arrive sweaty, out of breath, or red in the face.

5. Have More Fun

With the first pedal stroke on an e-bike, you’ll feel the difference and probably smile immediately. The fun factor is key and the main reason why people ride e-bikes every day. With an e-bike, you'll enjoy the fun and freedom of riding a bike like you did when you were a kid.