Quick question and answer about a yamee owner

Quick question and answer about a yamee owner

There is so much fun with my yamee fat bear 750S ----




  1. When you made up your mind to buy yamee, what was your biggest worry?

At first I saw some negative comments in the facebook group, such as about the battery life of the bicycle, the electric system of the bicycle, and the poor after-sales service.


  1. When you actually use yamee, have you encountered the problems in those negative comments?

I see that some people do have problems similar to what they mentioned in their complaints, but I have not encountered them, which proves that this problem is actually random and not inevitable. I did encounter some quality problems, but yamee's customer service team is very enthusiastic and patient to help me solve the problem


  1. What do you think of yamee's customer service team?

First of all, I think as the owner of yamee, what you need to understand is that their customer service team is from China, which means that we are basically 12 hours away from the time difference, and you can't expect them to reply you right away. All you can do is to list your questions, attach pictures or videos of the questions, and send them by email. I believe they will reply as soon as they see it.


  1. Some customers prefer to communicate by phone rather than email, what do you think?

Due to cultural differences and barriers, I think their English speaking and listening skills may not be able to communicate smoothly, and their warranty method requires pictures or videos to prove the problem, even if you call and communicate, in the end Need to email some pictures and videos, so why not do it that way from the start?


  1. Do you feel like a waste of time? For example, they always spend a lot of time helping you solve problems, or send needed parts from China to replace yourself.

When you choose the yamee brand, you should be conscious to accept the good and bad aspects of this brand. You have to understand that this is how all multinational companies solve problems, and we need to understand that it takes time. That's why they put the warranty period as 2 years


  1. What do you feel the most about yamee?

What I feel the most is its dual suspension, which is my favorite point, because I often go to some remote places to explore and adventure, these places often have very bad road conditions, a lot of potholes, and the road is very bumpy. But when I traverse these places with my fat bear 750S, the dual shocks help me absorb those shocks well


  1. What advice do you have for those who are still hesitating to place an order?

You deserve a yamee , trust me.