Questions from one of the yamee bike owners

Questions from one of the yamee bike owners
One of our customer is a big fan of yamee, and she was helping other people to ask some questions they may have for reference. 

1. Why do I change the settings of some instruments but the performance is still the same as before?
Because the controller on our bicycle is the part that controls all functions, some functions are actually displayed on the instrument, but we have not implemented this function on the controller, so sometimes even if you change the settings on the instrument Yes, the bike is still the same as before.

2. Why do I buy the bike and accessories together, but receive them at different times?
Because our bicycles are sent from California, but accessories are not necessarily sent from California. Sometimes we send accessories from China, so you will receive the bike and accessories separately.

3. I want to modify my bike so I will lose my 2 year warranty?
Yes, our 2 year warranty will expire after you modify your bike. Because after the modification, there may be some problems that conflict with our original circuit system, and we will not guarantee the quality problems caused by this.

4. I need to buy some parts for replacement, but I found that the parts I need are not available on your website, what should I do?
All you need to do is include your order information and some pictures that clearly show the problem, then email us with a description of the problem and we'll know what parts to replace. If this is covered under warranty, we will send you the parts for free; if not, we will create a payment link for you to purchase.

5. I like yamee bike very much, I want to exchange some parts or gifts that yamee can provide by sharing some of my beautiful photos and videos made by myself?
This depends on the situation, we may not have extra parts or gifts in return, but we can apply to our boss to provide you with a preferential price for a spare part, or give you some free gifts (if we have any ).

6. What is your bike replacement policy?
If you have a problem just starting out with your bike, we'll fix it for you first, rather than get you a new bike right away. If the problem is still not resolved, we will send you a return label to assist you in returning the bike to our bike shop for repair, and will send it back to you once the engineer has confirmed that the bike is functional.