Five Ways E-bikes Can Help Save the World

Five Ways E-bikes Can Help Save the World

When you’re zipping off to work with the wind bleezing on your face and 750 watts of electricity at your feet, you may do not realize more about the fun you're having than the fact that you're actually making a responsible decision.

Saving our homeland doesn't have to be top of mind when you're riding Yamee, but maybe, just maybe, you can rest a little easier knowing that e-bikes are putting us on the path (or bike trail) to a cleaner and better future. Here's how.


1. More e-bikes means (a lot!) less CO2.

To cut down on pollution, California has begun developing a voucher program to encourage residents to swap gas-guzzling older cars for e-bikes.
Put simply, more people riding e-bikes leads to a significant drop in CO2 emissions.

How significant? Honestly, the results can be impressive.

According to a new study from the Transportation Research and Education Center, CO2 emissions in an average city can fall by roughly 11 percent if e-bikes make up 15 percent of the ways that people choose to get around.

Think about that.

In Portland, Oregon, alone, that would mean over 300,000 fewer metric tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere each year. To put that number in context, that equates to 90,000 fully loaded semi trucks traveling 1,000 miles.

Needless to say, it adds up!


2. Ebikes can replace your vehicle trips.

When a landslide prevented cars from driving through California's scenic Big Sur region, local resident Joaquin Sullivan discovered that e-bikes were the best way to traverse the region's sprawling hills.
When we talk about car replacement, we’re not envisioning a world without cars. We know there are always (always?) going to be long, grueling road trips that are impossible to do without getting behind the wheel.

But e-bikes are helping people drive less. That's important, especially when you consider that the average car emits about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 a year.

A majority of car trips are under six miles. Thirty-five percent are under two miles. By giving riders the ability to go further than they would on a traditional bike, these are exactly the kind of trips that e-bikes are designed to replace.

A poll among electric bike owners shows that most riders significantly cut back on the number of miles they drive. On average, respondents said they tended to use an e-bike instead of a car for trips under 9.3 miles.


3. E-bikes are changing the delivery game.

We get it. When you're shopping, on deadline, online, you're probably thinking more about whether you should splurge on same-day delivery than the environmental questions surrounding the world of shopping online.

As companies that rely on delivery grapple to find ways to make their fleets more energy efficient, e-bikes are emerging as a helpful tool.

New York City officials have approved a pilot program to allow some shippers to use e-bikes in order to cut down on delivery truck traffic. That means less congestion and fewer idling motors.

As for us, our Commercial Division brings sustainable transportation and last-mile delivery solutions to businesses around the world.


4. Ebikes are an integral part of the green economy.

While many of us would like to see big, bold systemic changes happen overnight, a lot of the necessary steps to save the planet won’t take place until there’s money behind it.

To that extent, the global e-bike industry is projected to climb to $38.6 billion by 2025.


5. We work hard to keep your bike on the road.

Our in-house experts provide Yamee riders with online resources to keep their bikes in top shape for years to come.
We want our e-bikes to roam the paths, trails, and roads of this good, green earth for a long, long time. A large part of ensuring that happens is taking care of our customers, and in turn, taking care of their bikes.