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How Does PRE-ORDER Work?

+ How does the PRE-ORDER Work?
- PRE-ORDERs are for products Make To Order (MTO). You make deposit now, our factory will start assemble your product and arrange the shipment to you. The whole process (assembly&shipping) may take 6 - 8 weeks.  The shipping consists international shipping and domestic shipping. You will make the final payments after the international shipping is over, before the domestic shipping starts. We will email you the instruction of how to make final payment.

+ Why Choose PRE-ORDER?
- All PREORDERs get EXTRA $100 OFF in the Final Price AND FREE CANCELLATION before the domestic shipping starts

+ Anything I Should Pay Attention When PRE-ORDER?
- Please note: Cancellation will Not be accepted AFTER you make final payment, as the domestic shipping CANNOT be cancelled.

The domestic shipping Only take place AFTER the Final Payment Is Made. 

+ What's the difference between PRE-ORDER and regular order?
- You get EXTRA $100 OFF in the Final Price with PREORDERs. And it may take a little bit longer for the shipping to take place. Other than that, there's NO difference between PRE-ORDER and regular order.

+ How Do I Make Final Payment?
- After your item arrives at our local warehouse, we will EMAIL you the special code for the final payment. Once we receive your final payment, we will arrange the domestic shipping in 1-2 business days, and email you the tracking number.

Please make sure leave an email address that we can reach you when place order.