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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What's the relationship between Rattan and Yamee?
Yamee: Rattan and Yamee are belong to the same company, NOVA SILK ROAD SARL.Yamee 
is the high-end brand under NOVA SILK ROAD SARL. NOVA SILK ROAD SARL. has been dedicated to manufacturing the most price valued E-bikes for the past 10 years. Yamee has two major product lines, Fat Bear Series and XL Series, which were under the brand Rattan.

2. Where do you ship?
We ship to United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Due to the current COVID 19 situation, the shipping time to Europe may vary based on your location.

3. I saw you have PRE-ORDER Bikes at incredible low price. How does that work?

- PRE-ORDERs are for products Make To Order (MTO). You make deposit now, our factory will start assemble your product and arrange the shipment to you. The whole process (assembly&shipping) may take 6 - 8 weeks.  The shipping consists international shipping and domestic shipping. You will make the final payments after the international shipping is over, before the domestic shipping starts. We will email you the instruction of how to make final payment.

For Further details, please click HERE

4. How can I get support if I have questions about my bike?
Yamee: Our dedicated customer service is always ready to help you. To get the fastest service, please send the following information of your order to info@yameebike.com

a. The platform/website you used for purchasing
b. The model#, your order#, the email and shipping address you used when placing order.
*If you purchased from Amazon, please send the order ID and the seller shows on your order
c. Pictures/short videos AND a brief description about your problem
*If you have run any tests, please also include the description of tests you've done

5. How can I apply for a warranty?
Yamee: Yes, you can absolutely get a warranty, but different parts have different warranty periods, please check the Warranty Policy for further details
6. Can I modify the electric bike?
Yamee: In general, we do not recommend you modify the E-bike. You may able to do so, but we won`t provide any repair services and once you modify your bike, nor provide the warranty services.
7. How long does it take to get the bike ship to me?
Yamee: Generally, we ship within 1-2 working days after you place an order. If this time is exceeded, please contact our customer service.
8. Can I get refund after receive the bike?
Yamee: If you request for a refund, please contact us and provide relevant information. If the refund is due to damage, please provide relevant videos or pictures. If not, please explain the reason for the refund.  Note: return shipping cost will not be covered.