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1.If there is something wrong with my electric bike, who I should go for help?
Yamee: Take a video or some pictures, bring the order detail information of the bicycle, and then contact customer service directly asap.

2.If my electric bike is broken, can I get a warranty?
Yamee: Yes, you can absolutely get a warranty, but different parts have different warranty periods, please look up the table below for details.

3.Can I modify the electric bike?
Yamee: Yes, you can. But we don`t provide modification service and once you modify your bike, we will not provide warranty service.

4.What is the shipping date?
Yamee: Generally, we ship within 1-2 working days after you place an order. If this time is exceeded, please contact our customer service.

5. Refund matters
Yamee: If you request for a refund, please contact us and provide relevant information. If the refund is due to damage, please provide relevant videos or pictures. If not, please explain the reason for the refund. Remarks: All refunds need to pay shipping costs by yourself.